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MAWNY - soloist


Show Choir Arrangements

Show choir performing
  • Tailored to your ensemble's strengths

  • Collaboration with your team from directors to choreographers.

  • Arrangement edits (up to 3) are complimentary!

  • Season-long support

Starting at $500

Show Clinics


Need a fresh pair of eyes on your show? I'd love to come in and clinic your show. Give you some pointers, perhaps even a judges point of view, or even a tip/trick to make the show even better. I will record a judges tape so that you can have my ideas/thoughts to have in future rehearsals.

Starting at $50/hour (+travel)

Full Performance Tracks

Treble show choir performing

On top of what I send you, my excellent vocal team will sing through your specialized arrangements to give your singers an edge! 

The benefits of this generally include (but are not limited to) learning parts quickly and accurately, assisting your dancers in learning the arrangement, and are recorded by professionals.



Show choir performing

I would love to be an adjudicator at your next event. I am professional and focus on the things that matter (the students!). I am fair, consistent, and thorough. I love giving my thoughts and opinions on shows to make them even better!

Please contact me to have me on your next panel!

Contact Me

Edits to Catalog Arrangments

Show choir performing

I understand that what I wrote for another ensemble might not work for your current ensemble. I am willing to give you a simple edit (including but not limited to):

  • ​changing the key

  • revoicing (SSA to SATB, etc.)

  • Combining two pieces to make a mashup or vice versa.

         $50/hour (2 hour minimum)

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